At Tinker Federal Credit Union we get it.

We get it that maybe you are just starting out. We get it that making your way through money matters may be a whole new and not entirely easy experience. We get it (even if it slips down a notch on your priority list from time to time) that keeping more of what you earn can mean living the way you want.

TFCU has many resources that can help your life, from the big picture choices to the daily stuff too. You can find out more about our high-yield checking accounts, our MoneyPlus card, plus neat ways we reward our members throughout the year with our Give Back programs by going to

But more importantly TFCU has people who want to help you make the right choices about your money. They want to help you make it count. So if you’re curious about getting a car loan that doesn’t make you feel like you just signed something stupid without knowing it, or you feel like your bank maybe isn’t really looking out for your best interests, then maybe you should talk to one of those “make-it-count-for-you” TFCU people. Here’s how…

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