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Downsizing vs Supersizing

Posted on January 31, 2013

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Every time I turn around, it seems a different company is trying to get me to upgrade to something a little better. “For $25 more a month you can upgrade to the premium package” or “For an additional fee you can have unlimited text messaging!” We live in a society where more is better. But, all these upgrades can end up costing you in the end. A cable bill that was $40 is now $65 a month. A cell phone bill that started out $60 a month is now $100!

If you are the type of person who falls into these traps, a little can add up to be a lot very quickly. Think about the purchase you make before you make it. How many of those 300 channels do you actually watch? I haven’t had cable in four years. Do it miss it? Sure. But, the money I save every month has been well worth it. The same goes for my cell phone. I go with one of the less expensive plans and keep a close eye on the minutes I use and the texts I send. Is it a little bit of a hassle? Sure. But, I’m saving a decent amount of money every month that I can use towards other things, like saving for my next vacation.

Cutting corners each month on little things instead of just giving your money away can add up to be quite a bit. I encourage you to cut corners where you can for one month. See how much you can save just by cutting back a bit here and there on everyday purchases.

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